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The Most Thorough Roofing and Exterior Inspections Available in the Orlando Community

While it’s commonly glossed over, your business and home’s roofing and exterior represent some of the most important decisions you’ll make. It’s a major investment, after all, and by partnering with Neat Exteriors, you can rest assured, you’ll get the protection you paid for!



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About Us

What separates us from the local Orlando competition?

Our Services

With Residentail and commericial services, Neat Exteriors helps Orlando residents and business owners solve their roofing issues.

As soon as you detect a water leak in your home or building, contact Neat Exteriors, Orlando’s trusted professionals! We’ll get your leak repaired and ensure you’re able to safeguard your investment.

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Fortunately, Orlando’s Neat Exteriors Roofing & Restoration team is anything but! Our storm damage inspection team is as thorough as it gets and we’re sure to spot any raised or missing shingles.

Whether you need to install fascia hanger brackets or your gutters were installed without any flashing over the back, Neat Exteriors has you covered!

Sun, wind, dirt, ultraviolet rays, insects, birds—your home’s exterior takes a beating and in Orlando, that’s particularly true. True to form, Neat Exteriors power washes your surfaces until they’re gleaming!

Why Us?

Thorough Roof Inspections

Neat Exteriors doesn't recommend climbing up on the roof and checking for leaks, proper flashing, and the condition of your shingles and chimney. We recommend you allow us, proven local roofing professionals, to handle it!

Durability that Lasts

Wear and tear is inevitable, but devaluation and depreciation don't need to be with Neat Exteriors' expert roof inspection and prompt repair services.

Free Quotes

If you're in the early stages of hiring a local Orlando roofing company, do yourself a favor and don't pay for a quote. Roofing companies should provide free quotes! Neat Exteriors is proud to provide free quotes because we stand behind our work!

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